Partenariat Abonnement aux newsletters Mais comme sram à déjà sorti son 12, peut être qu'ils vont avancer. The Shimano Ultegra CS-6800 11-speed cassettes use Hyperglide sprockets with revised tooth profiles for reduced wear and lightning quick shifts. This is the reason why many companies have branched into the replacement group set business to supply users with a variety of valid options. The all-new SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8000 series crank features lightweight crankarms, a hollow outer chainring, and a wider gear pitch for increased clearance on modern road frames. etc. (MSRP of the Ultegra 6800 groups sans wheel and pedals is $1,250. 4.4 out of 5 stars 62. Like much of the updated Ultegra group, the front derailleur benefits from Dura-Ace trickle down. Shimano takes what it develops for and learns from its flagship drivetrain, then finds ways to bring to a more price-point friendly level. Lightweight. Shimano Ultegra R8000 11 Speed Groupset Eagerly anticipated, the updated Shimano Ultegra R8000 11-Speed Groupset has arrived. Club vélo 101 The short carbon fibre body construction offers low weight, is super stiff and offers efficient power transfer. DESCRIPTION 1 Y1WG98010 Lock Ring & Spacer BB 2 Y10Z04000 Lock Ring Spacer AA Y1Y911000 Sprocket Wheel 11T A (Built in spacer type) for 11-25T, 11-28T, 11-30T, 11-32T BA Y1Y912100 Sprocket Wheel 12T B (Built in spacer type) for 12-25T BA Y1Y914100 Sprocket Wheel 14T B (Built in spacer … If you can handle the extra 12 grams in weight and the thought of not having the latest gear then the Ultegra 6800 pedals can still be had for 15 to 20% less than its successor. R8000, R8020, R8050 and R8070. Starting with the base 8000 group, Shimano have improved the road drivetrain in … 4.8 out of 5 stars 53. $1,989.00 $ 1,989. 59 $40.99 $40.99. By James Raison. These pedals are also durable with a replaceable stainless steel plate that sits across the width of the pedal, protecting the carbon from minor abrasions and pressure caused during clipping and pedaling. Cyclo-Cross Rotor vient de sortir son 13 vitesses monoplateau à commande hydraulique. The Ultegra CS-R8000 Cassette ranges as high as 32t, so you can set up the new Ultegra (or Dura-Ace R9100) with the range you need for gravel epics, 4 corner … Generally speaking, you can mix and match shifters, derailleurs, cranks and brakes among these and get good results. De toute façon 6800 et 8000 ont les même câbles polymers je crois; il ne devrait pas y avoir des tonnes de différences. A rigid aluminum carrier keeps the cogs in check for improved shifting under the most demanding gear changes. 28 to 32 is a huge jump through, so you might want to try a 30t cassette if you can find one for cheap. Les plateaux d'un pédalier 6800 sont-ils compatibles avec un pédalier R8000 ? Bon en général, soit avant, et malgré mon âge, le matin c'était autre chose qui est raide le matin. Borrowing from the Dura-Ace R9100-series, the new Ultegra … 00. Suivez-nous Donc Shim, suivant ce calendrier, sortira le 12 en 2021. Shimano Ultegra 6800 is everything you want from a mechanical performance groupset. étriers R8000 plus grands (larges) pour passer de plus gros pneus. 5800 series 105, 7000 series 105, 6800 series Ultegra, and 8000 series Ultegra should all play will with each other. Shimano have managed to lose 12 grams in weight while gaining a few millimetres in width. Efficient power transfer. Vidéos i.e. Ultegra R8000 (as reviewed) and R8020 each feature mechanical shifting: the former is paired with cable-activated rim brakes while the latter is designed for hydraulic disc brakes. tout a été pousser à la perfection, j'ai deux groupes 6800 que je trouvais parfait a par le dérailleur avant qui étais  poussif mais celui du R8000 se passe toute en douceur, vraiment Shimano a fait un super-boulot sans parler du disign qui est superbe.. Avec le 9100 je ne vois pas où une infime différence et toi c'est presque le jour et la nuit , les ressenti c'est quelque chose !!!! Piste Cassette Shimano Ultegra 6800 / R8000 - forum cyclisme velo101. For starters, there are differences in the Di2 shifters. Vélo 101, le site officiel du Vélo ® c'est simple le R8000 est encore plus fluide que le 6800, les passages de vitesse se font avec une très grande facilité s'est bluffant ! SHIMANO ULTEGRA - Rear Derailleur - Short Cage - SHIMANO SHADOW RD - 11-speed Updated with a SHIMANO SHADOW RD design, the SHIMANO ULTEGRA 8000 rear derailleur offers a sleek appearance and optimized shifting performance. Le derailleur avant shimano ultegra R8000 est plus souple, fluide et légèrement plus rapide que le 6800 lors du passage du petit au grand  plateau. New R7/8000 derailers make the back wheel harder to take out, but allow for better shifting accuracy on gravel. 2 Ultegra 6800 vs Dura-Ace 9000 – How they compare. Groupe Ultegra 6800 VS Ultegra R8000 - forum cyclisme velo101. Are there any potential issues to be aware of with this combo (6800 shifter, R8000 derailleur, CS-HG800-11 cassette)? But on a limited budget I would prioritize: – Frame (really the most important decision) – Wheels – Saddle – Groupset (and I could easily live with 105 5800) Amateurs Shimano is an old and established name the cycling world. wear and tear? Manufactured to mirror the stiffness of the R8000 Hollowtech II crankset, these carbon composite pedals also feature an extra-wide platform and reduced stack height to make sure that you transfer every watt through your transmission and into forward momentum. They’re identical in shape, yet the shifters of the Ultegra groupset weigh 295g a pair Dura-Ace 230g a pair – yet both have carbon l… Jusqu'à présent ce fut 3 à 4 ans pour rejoindre Campa sur le nombre de vitesses. bah, cette raideur est arrivée brusquement, indépendamment de ma volonté et du fait d'un individu n'ayant pas toutes ses facultés. Shimano today announced the much-anticipated redesign of its workhorse Ultegra groupset. Ultegra R8000 presents a host of real improvements over the already excellent 6800 series groupset, performing just as well as Dura-Ace 9100 at the cost of a 260g weight penalty Aide / FAQ, Votre publicité Je pensais qu'il faisait référence à un véhicule alors je suis allé vérifier dans le garage et Vairons ce n'est pas écrit comme ça. If you can handle the extra 12 grams in weight and the thought of not having the latest gear then the Ultegra 6800 pedals can still be had for 15 to 20% less than its successor. It was never going to be easy to improve on the Ultegra 6800 but there are clear improvements on aesthetics and performance. Les groupes disque campa n'ont récolté que des avis élogieux lors des essais de la presse spécialisée mais aucun des vélocistes que j'ai interrogé n'en a vu un seul... Ce matin c'était moins raide que d'habitude. FREE Shipping. I suspect the difference will be smaller when comparing to 5800. Re-bof, le 6800 est très bon, de toute façon avec l'arrivée du 12 vitesses, tous 2 seront obsolètes... Je pensais plutôt que tu Chies Rond, faut évoluer Juju, Réponse au message de Pierre-Yves DESSIMOZ, C'est pas pour tout de suite que Mr Shi va sortir le 12V (décidément j'en sors pas de la scato), mon vélo sur mesure s'appelle comme ça aussi, "je me demande ce qu'ils vont nous pondre !!". The bike has a 44/34T cyclocross crankset. Mais comme disait Bastien dans les Tontons Flingueurs, le prix s'oublie, la qualité reste. P.S. Magazine, Photos It is among the market’s best all around items, due to it being the perfect intersection of price, performance, weight, and reliability. Ultegra R8000 is significantly different from the company’s previous-generation Ultegra 6800 series. Posted on August 19, 2017 by manager - Road Bike Pedal. It has proven to be durable too. Any modern shimano 11 speed groupset (including the previous generations) will work fine. Other than that, R7/8k will work better on bikes with thru-axle wheels, and 6800 will work better on 130mm OLD wheels. We compare the mid level electronic & mechanical groupsets from Shimano. Most of the differences between the two groupsets really comes down to materials. Shimano’s Ultegra 8000 road bike group is a success for a reason. View Privacy Policy. 1-16 of 111 results for "shimano ultegra 6800 groupset" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. covers: 11-25T to 11-30T; USER'S MANUAL DEALER'S MANUAL The one that is right for you is a matter of taste. Shimano have managed to lose 12 grams in weight while gaining a few millimetres in width. Inscriptions en ligne $134.99 $ 134. Les groupes disque campa n'ont récolté que des avis élogieux lors des essais de la presse spécialisée mais aucun des vélocistes que j'ai interrogé n'en a vu un seul... J'en ai un dans ma "clientèle", en Potenza 11 vitesses (Canyon Endurace carbone) Un poème ! Check out how Ultegra R8000 compares to 6800 and Dura Ace R9100. Mentions légales, sa fait trois années de suite que je monte de l'utegra et j'atteste que la différence est notable, mi a par ça je veux bien croire que certains ni vairons pas de différence. It’s a tall order: Ultegra 6800 is a stunning combination of price, weight, and performance that has made it the dominant drivetrain on bikes costing (most commonly) about $2,500 to … I'm looking at upgrading my road bike, and I'd like to move my current crank-arm power meter over to the new bike rather than spending even more money. Thanks! $34.59 $ 34. ULTEGRA Cassette Sprocket CS-R8000 11-speed C S-R 9 1 0 0 C S-6 8 0 0 SHIMANO CODE NO. NEWSLETTER. SHIMANO Ultegra PD-R8000 +4 SPD SL Pedals. Cyclosport The new R8000 is still a few weeks off being for sale so let's go full weight weenie and obsess about grams! Plus tard, quand je serai très vieux, je voudrai des disques et serai sans doute obligé de trahir campa pour épouser shim ou sram. Il y a déjà plusieurs années Shimano avait déposé un brevet pour un système à ...14 vitesses! So, let’s pull out the mechanical stats with … 2.1 Design 2.2 Performance; 3 Ultegra 6800 vs Dura-Ace 9000 – A Comparison Overview 3.1 Ultegra 6800 – Overview; 3.2 Dura-Ace 9000 – Overview 4 Verdict: So, which is better, Ultegra 6800 or Dura-Ace 9000? Il y a aussi l'effet "nouveau groupe" avec câbles et gaines tout neufs, du coup quand tu reprends ton plus vieux vélo avec éléments usagés çà fonctionne avec moins de fluidité que quand tout était neuf. SUIVEZ NOUS : Club Vélo 101 ... De toute façon 6800 et 8000 ont les même câbles polymers je crois; il … Ultegra R8000 Mechanical vs Ultegra R8050 di2. Ultegra R8000 is turning out to be equally impressive, but you certainly shouldn't dismiss 6800 on raw performance alone. And I am comparing 105 5700 with Ultegra the Ultegra 6800. Adjustable entry and release tension settings. Forum 1 What are the key differences between Ultegra 6800 and Dura-Ace 9000? Both the front shifter and the derailleurs are Ultegra 6800 (11-speed). In typical Shimano fashion, the new Ultegra R8000 groupset is … It is available with 53-39, 52-36, 50-34, and 46-36T chainrings and 165, 170, 172.5, and 175mm crank arm lengths. Pedals could determine how fast and how effective your bike is out on the road. So, what’s the difference? I have subsequently noticed that on the Canyon website for example, while all older 6800/5800 Ultimate models were specc'd with 52/36 and 11/32 - the newer R8000 models still ship with Mid Compact rings but with 11-28 cassettes. 99. Pour rappel, Rohloff a sorti son 14 vitesses depuis plus de vingt ans, Ce moyeu qui n'a pas évolué et qui a gardé ses qualités et ses défauts depuis ses débuts, Modifier mon abonnement aux réponses de ce sujet, Retour au forum Route > Matériel Haut de page, Tous droits réservés 2000-2021 © Tu devrais changer de lunettes ! Les derailleurs arrières sont identiques dans leur fonctionnement. Our Ultegra 6800, R8000, and R9100 weight comparison article uses figures directly from Shimano. When he reviewed the Ultegra levers (above) Stu Kerton said, “The biggest difference of R8000 [current generation Shimano Ultegra] over 6800 [the previous version] is the shape of the brake lever. Pas de différence entre des yeux vairons ? Ne dit-on pas que les raideurs se déplacent avec l'âge ? Monoplateau. Get it as soon as Fri, May 8. The Ultegra R8000 pedals are the updated version of the popular Ultegra 6800 pedals. A voir...! Développement : Florent LigneyWebdesign : Véronique Vilmant, Accueil WEIGHT. Weighing in at a super-light 248 grams, these Ultegra R8000 Carbon SPD-SL Pedals have evolved from the 6800 series. ... Entre le 8000 et le 6800, il y a peu d'écart de poids voire pas (à vérifier en fonction des dentures). Ce truc me fait envie, mais le budget est conséquent. The available ratio combinations work extremely well with standard or compact cranksets. Tags: Ultegra 6800 Pedals, Ultegra R8000 Pedals, © 2021 All Bike Stores. The Ultegra R8000 pedals are the updated version of the popular Ultegra 6800 pedals. Retour au forum Route > Matériel Bas de page, je voulais avoir le retour de ceux qui ont un groupe Ultegra R8000, y a t'il une reelle différence de fonctionnement avec un groupe 6800 (sans paler de l'ergonomie des manettes et la possibilité de passer une cassette de 30 sur une chappe courte). Ultegra is better than 105 – no doubt about that. Much like the new Dura-Ace, the new Ultegra groupset has four … Shimano 105 5800 vs Ultegra 6800 – Which Clipless Pedals are Better? Ultegra’s added heft is oft-cited as the biggest real separator between it and top-tier Dura-Ace. Ils avaient lancé l'hydraulique double plateau mais ça ne fonctionnait pas bien au niveau du dérailleur avant; avec le mono-plateau il parait que c'est OK. Avec 14 vitesses le monoplateau ne devrait plus présenter de défaut d'étagement. Féminines Shimano 105 R7000 vs Ultegra R8000 - posted in Tech Q&A: Is there a significant difference between the new 105 R7000 and Ultegra R8000 apart from weight? Does anyone know if an Ultegra 6800 left crank arm will work on an Ultegra R8000 crank? 4.9 out of 5 stars 25. Durable and solid interface quick and easy entry bindings. It's light, the shifts are crisp and quick, the braking is truly excellent.”. Les étriers de frein R8000 sont un peu plus  puissants que ceux des 6800. Pour rappel, Rohloff a sorti un 14 vitesses mono-plateau (*) depuis plus de vingt ans... Rotor vient de sortir son 13 vitesses monoplateau à commande hydraulique. The PD-6800 features many of the same technologies as the flagship Dura Ace pedals with the PD-6800 only weighing 8g more. SHIMANO 6800 Ultegra 11-Speed Bicycle Chain. I am thinking of replacing it with RD-R8000-GS (current generation of Ultegra, medium cage, takes up to 34t). Shifting? Shimano freely admits it had to hit a price point with Ultegra, and that meant swapping out some higher end materials for some slightly bulkier, less expensive options. Tu voulais être très gentil avec moi ou très méchant envers campa ? So, below is the aggregated comparison of R8000 V 6800 V R9100. FREE Shipping by Amazon. New Ultegra cranks won't randomly shear off, though that is a very edge case in 6800. Shimano. Contact Free Shipping by Amazon ... SAVADECK Phantom 2.0 Carbon Fiber Road Bike 700C Racing Bicycle with Ultegra 8000 22 Speed Group Set, 25C Tire and Fizik Saddle. It was never going to be easy to improve on the Ultegra 6800 but there are clear improvements on aesthetics and performance. The SRAM Rival and Shimano Ultegra groupsets are designed to meet the needs of more budget-minded road cyclist. Pros VTT SHIMANO ST-6700 Ultegra … 8000 is compatible with 6800 except for the 34t cassette, and that's contingent on the 6800 derailleur, assuming you don't have the short cage derailleur. Ultegra R8000 Groupset. $6.29 shipping. Looking between the new 2019 Giant Propel Advanced Disc 1 or 2 as reasonable options and value - Mainly for training purposes outdoors and on a trainer, but must also be able to race hard.

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